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How to tell if your pet is at a healthy weight?

Canine obesity is never an easy topic to cover, but it’s a problem we see daily. 

Commonly, we think we’re feeding our pets as a way to show love. Yes, our pets need love, and so do we as pet owners, but feeding our pets as a sign of love can cause severe health problems, especially later in life, such as mobility issues and endocrine disorders, and reduce the quality of life. 

Signs your pet is at a healthy weight:

  • An excellent impression of ribs, you cannot see individual ribs but can feel them.
  • Cannot see the hooks and pins of the hips but can quickly feel them.
  • From the side, dogs and cats should have a visible abdominal tuck – the area behind the ribs should be smaller in diameter than the chest.
  • The waist is easily noted when viewed from above.

Warning Signs of pet obesity:

  • The ribs cannot be seen and are difficult to feel.
  • The stomach sags and no abdominal tuck is present.
  • The back is broad and flat.
  • The waist is barely visible or absent when viewed from above or side.

If you have concerns about your pet, we’re here to help you formulate a plan and modify it as needed. 


June 23, 2022

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