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Navigating Holiday Stress for Pets

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to recognize the potential stress this cheerful time of year can bring to our cherished pets. Amidst the festive chaos and alterations to their routines, our furry family members can also feel the strain that we feel. Here are four ways to make this season merry and bright for your four-legged companions:

1. Establish a Save Spot

Give your pet a place where they can be away from the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations. Designate a pet-friendly space that has a cozy bed and their favorite toys in a quieter corner of your home. This little sanctuary provides them with a place to escape to when the festivities become overwhelming.

2. Strategize Their Toys

Keep your pets engaged and content during gatherings by leaving out interactive toys. Rotate toys every couple of days so your furry friend has something exciting to play with! This not only keeps them occupied but can also make your pet less anxious during the holiday atmosphere.

3. Prioritize Play and Exercise

During this time of year, make sure your pet receives a lot of playtime and affection to help them not feel overwhelmed or anxious. A brisk walk not only benefits your pet but also serves as a stress-reliever for you. And as you might know, your pets can tell when you’re stressed! Plus, if your pet is tired when everyone arrives for the holidays, it can create a more content holiday experience for everyone. 

4. Have Consistency and a Routine

In the midst of holiday chaos, try to maintain consistency in your pet’s daily routine. Stick to regular meal times and walks whenever possible. This time of year it can be tempting to give your pet lots of treats off the table. But remember, when they aren’t used to eating certain foods, it can make them very sick! 

Just remember, your pet thrives on predictability, and having a familiar routine helps them feel secure and comfortable during the seasonal commotion. 


December 11, 2023

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